My foot

So, quite some time ago I started to feel an unpleasant pain in my right heel whenever I took a step. It grew worse over a few weeks, but since I’m a guy, I figured it wasn’t anything I really had to worry about, and that it would go away. I honestly thought that at most it was going to be nothing more than just deep bruise from stepping on a rock or something. It turned out I was very wrong.

I woke up one morning after working late, flung back the covers, stood up to make my way to the bathroom and found myself face down on the floor beside the bed, with my very worried wife asking me what was wrong. Obviously when I discovered that I couldn’t put any weight on that foot, I called in to work and went to a doctor. They told me I had a bone spur on my heel that was causing the pain. It had hit a nerve, and was slicing my achilles tendon. Two months of me staying at home trying to rehab the foot without surgery per my Doctor telling me to, and in December of 2007 I had surgery to remove it.

When the surgery was over, the doc told me that they took almost two inchest of bone off my foot, that my achilles had been nearly sliced in two, and it was now reattached with two titanium screws. They had to cut part of the tendon away, stretch it slightly, and set the screws into the part of the heel they had just cut away. So, I figured fine, no problem, two more months and I go back to work. I like my job for the most part, I like the people, and I am not the kind of person who enjoys sitting on my ass unable to do stuff.

It’s June. I’m still unable to return to work because the achilles refuses to heal properly, because it hurts just as bad to walk as it did before the surgery, and because one of the two screws has shifted a very small amount. So, by god since I pay for company sponsored disailibty, and since I have paid into social security for over 12 years, I am getting paid to sit on my ass for a while longer.

How much longer? I have no fucking clue. All I know is that it’s seriously fucking annoying to not be able to do what I once did, like work, jog, run, etc. I wish that I didn’t have to say this, but there is a good chance that this fucking ordeal will prevent me from ever doing what I want to do with my life; becoming a police officer.

This unfortunate circumstance seriously pisses me off. Walking with a cane while being in serious pain pisses me off. Not being able to stand on concrete without pain pisses me off to no end. Being unable to really do what I want with my life and my time greatly pisses me off.



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