So long and thanks for the laughs

Being who I am, I enjoy off beat humor. I snicker at the humor of Dana Gould. I smirk at the comedic ranting of Larry the Cable guy. I chuckle whenever I hear anything from Denis Leary, and I laugh whenever George Carlin says anything. I’ve seen almost everything he has done and I laugh. I laugh whenever he cracks a joke, I laugh whenever he talks about politics or religion, pretty much anything he says that is off color or intended to be humorous makes me laugh.

I love hearing his comments about the little words you can’t say, I love hearing him talking about taking your stuff with you on vacation. I enjoy his cameos in movies, his specials on television, hell, I even liked his really shitty television show on fox years and years ago.

I guess that I won’t be laughing at his antics anymore.


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One Response to “So long and thanks for the laughs”

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    […] then I read an interesting post from Literate Redneck here that got me to thinking: Didn’t Carlin do a routine on worshipping the sun? And wasn’t […]

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