Fake Lost Tribe… wasn’t this a movie?

So most people have read about the “lost tribe” in the middle of the Amazon basin. This tribe has never had contact with the outside world, they spend their lives swinging around like monkeys in that shitty Indiana Jones movie, and hiding from the rest of humanity. While I don’t blame them from hiding away from humanity (mostly because humanity sucks), I find it funny that now, a month and a bit later it turns out that the photographer is a phony.

Imagine that, a huge story that got a lot of people up in arms about the beauty of the world, and the mysterious discoveries we have yet to unearth… was fake. In fact, this tribe isn’t any new thing, we’ve known about them for almost a hundred years now. (98 to be exact)

The only reason that this story was run was to show their plight to the world and attempt to get people to pay attention to logging in the rainforests. The hell with Journalistic integrity, let’s just try to force feed our agenda to the rest of the world.

Well pardon me for not being enlightened enough to really give a damn about people who live in the amazon basin. I’m suffering from a horrible injury currently, I broke my “give a damn” and thusly I don’t give a damn.

Log the rainforest, pave the whole area, and put a McDonalds right in the middle.

The photojournalist can be the cashier.


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