It’s probably going to be obvious from my name and about me page that I’m a conservative. Note please, that while I consider myself a Conservative, am a registered Republican, and I typically vote Republican, I don’t always agree with everything or anywhere close to everything that the Republican party says or does. I don’t agree with their moving further away from the very thing that the party is founded upon, nor do I agree with some of the decisions that Pres. Bush has made. His statement that he would sign any new assault weapons ban that crossed his desk offended me greatly.

However there is one thing that I do agree with, and that my friends is this fight we are involved in with Islamofascism. Now, I want to make it clear that I have nothing against many muslims. I don’t follow their beliefs, I don’t agree with their actions, and I feel that by and large they are out of step with reality. But I’m not going to quibble over small points of theocratic debade. By and large my feelings on the various religions of the world can be summed up as “Live and let live”.

However when your very core beliefs tell you that me and mine deserve to die because we refuse to kowtow to your beliefs, you cross the line. When your religion wants to make me and mine a subject, a slave, or dead, you can fuck right off. The fact that the terrorists hide behind their faith, and the faith of however many millions of people is reprehensable. Muslims in various countries cheered and danced in the street when the twin towers fell down. Adherents of Muhammad sing praises of those who stuck a blow against the great satan that is the USA.

Now almost seven years into this war that they started people are tired, people want peace, and they want us to become members in good standing with the rest of the world. They want us to be meek little sheep who do nothing when they are attacked except huddle together and bury our heads in the sand. Well fuck that, and fuck them. What I want is for our government to take the gloves off. I want us to enforce the Articles of War. I want us to follow the Geneva Convention to the letter.

No uniform on an enemy combattant? No taking prisoners, just a bullet in the back of the head. Murdering women and children, then hiding in a mosque? Have a missile. I don’t want us to fight a war against barbarians with one hand tied behind our backs. Let the military commanders make decisions without having to weigh the political consequences. Look at Russia and Chechnia. Do you hear anyone screaming about the Russians oppressing the Chechnians? Do you hear anyone cry when the Russians blow up a mosque to take out an insurgent?

Of course not. The Russians understand that the war between them and Chechnia is one of annihilation. Much like this current war on Terror, we aren’t here to win their hearts and minds, we are here to show that we have the bigger stick. We are here to smack them with the stick whenever they screw with us. I want the law of Reprisal to be enforced. You kill one of ours, or disobey the laws of war, and we enforce the law. We take care of you, your group, your friends, and your family.

I don’t want them to like us, I don’t want them to respect us.

I want them to fear us. I want them and the rest of the world to understand that whatever you do unto us, we will deliver ten fold worse unto you.



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