Yay Illegal Alien Gangs!

Yay! Just when I thought that our own home grown gangs were bad enough, along comes MS-13, a gang who’s members are, by and large, Illegal Aliens. Not the ET style of aliens of course, but I think a gang of ET’s hanging out on the corner selling crack to school kids would be funny, but the Mexican and Salvadoran kinda gang. 

Commie News Network
Twenty-six alleged members of a Hispanic gang believed to be one of the nation’s largest and most violent were indicted in North Carolina and charged with offenses including drug activity, racketeering, assault and murder, according to federal court documents.

North Carolina decided today to put a smack down on this group of clowns, and they decided it was a great thing to unveil a 55 count indictment. 4 counts of Murder, selling coke and pot, assaults, and the rest of the normal gang related activites. The people who say that illegal aliens are here to do jobs that Americans won’t do are full of shit.

We have our own gangs, they already fill the “gangbanger” niche just fine. We don’t need illegal aliens coming here and taking their jobs!


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One Response to “Yay Illegal Alien Gangs!”

  1. Donnie Scarberry Says:

    We should capture each and every one of these gang members and depot them.All they know how to do is harm others and the people of this country should not have to put up with these Latino sissies!

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