Tomatos are your friend.

There is pretty much one vegetable that I enjoy eating. I know, technically a tomato is a fruit, just like technically a sweet potato is a member of the yam family. But this whole “salmonella” outbreake thing that has for the past month and a bit, stopped sale of tomatos, today is proven to be a sham.

Investigators have collected about 1,700 tomato samples, “and so far, all of these have been negative,” Acheson said.

What this means is that the spate of illnesses caused by people eating a tomato is probably just their own systems going into “Oh dear, I ate a tomato, I’m gonna DIE!” mode. Pretty much the entire problem with those people who have suffered from Salmonella poisoning can be summed up in one sentance.

“Produce investigations are very difficult, because a lot of times, vegetables are eaten all together,” said Dr. Patricia Griffin, chief of the Enteric Diseases Epidemiology Branch at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia.

Yes. Because you heathen bastards eat your salad all mixed together you will get salmonella!

I hope it kills the Vegans off first.


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