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So now i can blog by phone

July 31, 2008

So tonight I got the iPhone app that allows me too blog viamy phone. It even remembers words that I use like Islamofascist and other fun things. This will be an interesting new toy. Since I’m headed to visit my wife’s family tomorrow (She’s driving for those interested in how I planned to drive with a gimped foot) and I’m obviously going to be taking my phone along, I think this will be a very interesting trip. Who knows, I may even be able to blog while in the middle of bumfuck Ohio.


Today my mentor announced his retirement

July 29, 2008

I have been reading blogs for damned close to seven years now. I started reading them after one of my favorite humor sites was closed and reopened as Right Wing News (blogroll on the left). From there I followed a discussion on the RWN site about handgun ownership to read the website of Kim du Toit (Also on the blogroll). I started reading Kim’s site each and every day, I read about his move from Chicago, about his move to Texas, and every single post on his website has been read by me.

I can honestly say that the guy has been one of the most consistent reads of my life in years. My daily habit was waking up, doing the normal morning stuff, and then checking on three blogs. Kim, RWN, and IMAO (Blogroll). I cannot imagine not reading his stuff each day when I get up.

However, today he announced his retirement from the blogging community, effective November 30th. His retirement announcement hit me like a sack of doorknobs on the side of my head. Kim is the only person in the blogosphere who has actually changed my life. Instead of going through life as a rather savoir-faire conservative who enjoyed firearms, he has turned me into a rabid gunnie, and through that change, has turned me from a mild conservative, into a staunch Conservative. I cannot thank Kim enough for what he has done to make my life a better one. I’ve spoken with him a time or two, all of those times about various firearms, talking about life experiences, and making commentary about other facets of life in this day and age.

This little blog of mine is a pittance in the sea of urine that is the internet, and when Kim closes his doors to new posts I hope that mine will still be here, and possibly in a bit better shape than it is now. If that will be so, I don’t know, but I can hope.

Thank you for all you have done Kim, thank you a thousand times over.

Perhaps England should arm their police…

July 22, 2008

This story curtesy of The Times Online

Two unarmed police officers who were attacked by a mob of 30 adults and teenagers were today receiving hospital treatment after being bitten, kicked and punched.

The officers were attacked by the gang after asking a teenage girl to pick up some litter. Other teenagers and adults then attacked the officers after the girl refused their request and dropped the litter again. When they asked her to pick it up again a friend with the girl became aggressive towards the officers.

The incident escalated quickly as a group of 30 people gathered around the officers and attacked them. Around five young females were joined by a group of older males in their thirties and forties. All members of the gang were described as black.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said the officers, aged 34 and 29, were on sick leave suffering from bruising and knee injuries. One officer, who was white, was bitten on the shoulder. The other officer, who was black, was kicked in the knee, police said.

“The incident escalated very quickly as a group of people gathered around the officers and intimidated and attacked them,” a Met Police spokesman said.

Inspector Simon Ellingham said… “We have heard from several retailers in the area who were horrified at the level of violence used by the crowd against the officers.

“Whilst we would never use the word ‘mob’ which is an inflammatory word, we can confirm that eye witnesses have described their initial fear that officers were going to be seriously injured or killed.”

Yes, not calling 30 attackers a mob will make the incident much less inflammatory. Just like calling Hitler a maniac would have been disrespectful of his feelings. Ladies and Gentlemen, England is now ready to sink back into the ocean from shame.

Red Cross aiding Terrorists?

July 16, 2008

Today, the Communist News Network decided it needed to write about how the Columbian government may have violated the Geneva Convention when they freed 15 hostages from the FARC recently. Now, while of course it would be lax of CNN to actually question the release of innocent people from terrorists, that is in essense exactly what was done. Allow me to supply the following quote, which comes directly from the CNN article.

Photographs of the Colombian military intelligence-led team that spearheaded the rescue, shown to CNN by a confidential military source, show one man wearing a bib with the Red Cross symbol. The military source said the three photos were taken moments before the mission took off to persuade the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia rebels to release the hostages to a supposed international aid group for transport to another rebel area.

Such a use of the Red Cross emblem could constitute a “war crime” under the Geneva Conventions.

Right, so there’s the basis of the problem. An UNNAMED and UNCITED source within the government showed “pictures” to CNN, (which CNN did not purchase by the way due to an exorbitant cost) that supposedly show Red Cross markings on the helicopter and uniforms of the brave men who flew it in.

However, there are other problematic quotes in this article by CNN that lead me to question the authenticity of both the purported photos AND of the reporting involved in this article.

Both of Colombia’s two main guerrilla armies, the FARC and the smaller National Liberation Army, have been known to misuse the Red Cross symbol, sometimes transporting fighters in ambulances. The Colombian government frequently makes international denunciations of rebel violations of international humanitarian law.

First off it appears that the terrorist organization that is at war with the legitimate government of Columbia regularly abuses the Red Cross symbol as a way to shuffle hostages, fighters, and other items around the country. In fact, their doing this is commonplace and is possibly aided by various organizatons like say, the Red Cross and other aid organizations.

The rescue ruse also included bogus communications, sent electronically and by human couriers, to convince FARC rebels that superiors were ordering them to hand over hostages to the group posing as aid workers for transfer to another rebel camp.

Apparently these terrorists use those symbols and organizations for prisoner transport so often that they don’t even question why an aid organization would be helping them transport hostages who have been held for up to ten years. Add the following facts to the situation: Terrorists are excluded from the Geneva Convention BY NAME, FARC is a terrorist organization as judged by the majority of the world, including the United Nations, Columbia, the EU, the USA, and the rest of the civilized world, and Terrorists/Insurgents are not signatories of the Geneva Convention.

In fact organizations like FARC, Al Queda, Fatah, and the other terrorist groups all ignore the Geneva Convention when they take hostages, kill civilians, torture prisoners, and break laws of war by hiding behind civilians and the like.

Now, of course these organizations are in conflict with more “civilized countries” who have their hands tied by the Geneva Convention that their enemies ignore. It’s rather funny to me that organizations like CNN and the Red Cross are willing to take at face value “evidence” that they do not have on hand, do not know the authenticity of, or even have any means of proving to be true. Of course, they can’t prove it came from a FARC member trying to raise a ruckus within their allies in the press and international community. They also can’t prove it came from a government source either, but that’s where they are pointing the finger.

Now, I’m not saying that it is, or is not true. But if Columbia used a trick from FARC’s own playbook against them, then bravo I say. When fighting an unconventional war, you must use unconventional tactics. FARC has been doing their worst to civilians for now over fourty years, it’s about time that their enemies started actually fighting back appropriatly.

There is just one action that I see that is appropriate for dealing with a terrorist force like the FARC, or indead, Al Queda. The act of Reprisal. Since this act is LEGAL under the Geneva Convention, and since FARC constantly violated the laws of war by taking hostages, killing hostages and civilians, reprisal is a viable option for dealing with scum like this.

Reprisal is a limited, deliberate, sanctioned, and LEGAL violation of the laws of war. Normally this is done as a punishment of an enemy who violates the laws of war. Seems to me that FARC has done that for now over 40 years. Sounds to me like conducting a reprisal is far past due. Since reprisal forbids harming battlefield casualties, shipwreck survivors, prisoners of war and civilians then I have the perfect suggestion.

No Quarter.

UPDATE Yes, it appears that the Columbian military did in fact use the Red Cross emblem in an effort to free the hostages. It is still irresponsible to declare this a violation of the laws of war. Currently I’m waiting for CNN to call for the hostages to be returned to the FARC.

Personally I detest Budweiser

July 15, 2008

In fact, I hate most American beers.

No, scratch that, I hate most beer. Then again, being an American, it would make sense that most of the beer I have imbibed would be made here in the USA, or at least on this continent. That said, even compared to most other American beer, I still hate Budweiser. Their beer is poor, it has little to no actual pleasant flavor, and it tastes like horribly flavored water.

In fact, the only thing I do with Budweiser is use it in a steak marinate. I refuse to drink with it, but it’s perfect to soak meat in over-night as it’s the right watery consistency. Now, while I state that I dislike Budweiser, I must also state that I have drunk “foreign” beer repeatedly. I’ve had German lager, English ale, Belgian piss, and other flavors of beer.

Yes, the statement Belgian piss is perfect. InBev, the people who are currently buying out Anheuser-Busch make piss. They are the largest beer maker in the world, with Anheuser-Busch pulling in #2. Combine the two and you get the largest maker of sour water in creation. If they want to combine their products, be my guest. I don’t really have a problem with a foreign company purchasing Budweiser. More power to any company that wants to make inroads to the American market. I feel that the more competition, variety, and choice the better for all involved. I felt that way about soda, I feel that way about firearms, tobacco, cars, and yes, about beer.

Am I happy that a foreign company is buying out an American one? That part bothers me, not because I feel that drinking piss is patriotic, but because I feel that this will eventually lead to Budweiser having to deal with bullshit like say… the World Court when some idiot in Europe sues. Regardless however, it won’t bother me, I don’t drink swill no matter how “patriotic” people say their beer is.

If I want patriotic beer I’ll drink Sam Adams.

Oh wait, I already do.

Mortgage of the future

July 13, 2008

No, this post isn’t going to be about the national debt, nor will it be about the idiotic idea that taxing the rich even more than we already do will help the economy at all. No, this post is about the woeful condition of the Mortgage industry. I don’t say the financial industry, because while many people lump them together, I view them as two utterly seperate entities.

Within the past 48 hours the institution Indymac failed. It failed in large part because Charles Schumer, one of the Senators from New York came out in a public forum and said that something needed to be done before they collapsed. Now, I can see his possibly speaking with members of congress about this situation, perhaps even speaking with the FDIC or Indymac themselves. What I think is retarded is talking about it with the New York Times. In fact, since his doing so caused close to 1.5 billion dollars that various investors had with them to be pulled out rapidly, it’s a very viable argument that he is largely to blame for the failure.

Of course, there is the fact that they gave money to sub prime lenders, there is also the fact that they made huge risky mortgages to high risk home buyers. Combine that fact with people ditching their mortgages because of the weak dollar, and you have a bank failure. It’s a fairly simple prospect. Bad Dollar + Bad Investments + Bad Lending Practices + Charles Schumer = Bank Collapse.

Now that collapse didn’t affect me in the least. It bothered me not one little bit that the bank closed down because I don’t have a mortgage with them, nor anything else with them. However the fact that the FDIC has now been forced to cover a lot of the loss that the bank incurred bothers me. The FDIC isn’t a private insurance company, it’s part of the New Deal tripe that FDR instituted in an effort to salvage the economy during the depression. It’s been a tax hole for large sums of money for decades, compared to very little actual use. Personally, I would have no problem with the FDIC going the way of the dodo. The problem is that the FDIC has something like a 50 billion dollar operating budget. Indymac had (depending on where you read it)6-12 billion dollars in debt beyond their 32 billion in assets. Once the assets have been liquidated, for signifigantly less than the 32 billion that they are “worth” the FDIC is going to be left covering the remainder. This remainder according to various economic experts can stretch to be as large as 18 billion dollars. This means that more than about 25%-40% of the FDIC budget will be used to bail out the bank. You hear that gigantic flushing sound? That’s the dollar getting weaker again as more of our tax dollars get shit away.

Now, look at that budget the FDIC has. 50 billion, let’s go ahead and dump more tax money on it and bump it up to 100 billion dollars.

Enter Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac.

Together these two organizations have a total mortgage debt of over 5 trillion dollars. Yes, that’s TRILLION. These two companies, which both use the federal reserve as their bank account comprise about half of the mortgage debt in the USA. They are both publically traded despite being in effect government institutions.

Both of them are suffering from the mortgage industry sucking ass, and both of them will be feeling the loss of Indymac. Both of them have suffered over 50% stock price loss on the market. In essence, the federal reserve is going to have to take part of that hit and cover a large part of their bad loans.

That translates roughly, RIGHT NOW, at somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 billion dollars. That is ten times the FDIC insurance rate. And if they do have to be bailed out, it will simply cause more of the same to occur, rats always abandon a sinking ship and investors act the same way. Less investors = lower trading prices = more net loss.

Ladies and gentlemen, be prepared within the next two or three years to see one or both of these two companies collapse, wipe out the federal reserve, and plunge the USA into a domestic crisis the likes of which have not been seen before. When the depression occured last century, banks collapsed world wide, and in essence the government became the employer of last resort. (That’s where we get welfare and various other government programs from by the way.) The problem this time is that it won’t just be banks collapsing, it will be the federal reserve, and thusly the government itself going bankrupt.

When that happens, various countries who hold vast amounts of dollars have two options. Hold onto them and watch their own economies sink into that deep hole, or dump them for what they can get. Foreign dumping will devalue the currency even further based on there being more money floating around that cannot be covered by the government; thusly the dollar devalues even further.

I don’t like to be the herald of bad news, but right now, there is NOTHING on the horizon that can be done to stop this from occuring. Drastic spending has been the hallmark of the government for over a decade, and now adding in the situation we find ourselves in with the housing market. I do not see a governmental solution on the horizon, nor do I see any large sweeping change that can be made immediatly that will resolve the problem.

I’m just glad that right now I have no mortgage and thusly am not going to suffer a potentially huge loss when and if this gets worse than it already is.

Jesse Jackson’s Wisdom

July 11, 2008

I love the quote that Jesse Jackson made about Obama. The sheer audacity of a racist asshole like Jackson making a bad remark because Obama said that black fathers need to actually raise their children rather than dumping them on the mothers and government dole is hilarious. Jesse Jackson, former Democratic Presidential Candidate wanting to cut the nuts away from Barack Hussein Obama.

I find it hilarous that a Jackson made this comment, what I find even funnier is that Jackson made this comment pretty much because he felt that Obama’s comments were directed at him. Of course, Obama made the comment as a generalization, much like Bill Cosby did over a year ago, but since Jackson dumped his son on his sons mother and the system when he got her pregnant and then ran off to race bait and agitate even more; he had to take it as a personal attack. I guess his conscience is far from clean.

Of course, afterwards and before the tape even aired Jackson was out there making apologies for what he said, telling people that he supports Obama’s campaign for President. Saying that the Fox News people were trying to cast him in a bad light, that they set him up, and that it’s all their fault.

The problem is Mr. Jackson, you made the fucking comment. There was no teleprompter that read “JACKSON: I want to cut his nuts off.” This is of course, far and away from the first time that this hateful son-of-a-bitch made a comment like this in regards to his own guilty conscience. He’s made gaffes in the past, he’ll make more of them in the future. I just find them funny as hell because he tries to find someone else to blame those gaffes on rather than himself. Because the cult of Jesse Jackson can never be wrong on something. Just like Obama is never wrong, he just misspeaks, like when he misspoke about people clinging to god and guns.

I find it hilarious, Barack Obama speaks down to the entire nation, talking about hope, change, and pretty much not having a fucking clue when he insults signifigant portions of the country, and then Jesse Jackson makes similar gaffes saying the same fucking kinds of things. Of course, we have to forgive them both because they apologized. Now, if someone of a different skin color made these types of comments, people would sound the hue and cry and publically castrate them on the evening news. Political commentators would call it the end of their public lives, and in twenty years we would see them as an “elder statesman” on public access television.

These two fucks however, they get a walk.

Fucking hipocracy.

The ACLU opens their fat mouths.

July 9, 2008

The idiots must have had the day off work, because they kept their shit up all day long.

The ACLU blog

The ACLU interprets the Second Amendment as a collective right. Therefore, we disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision in D.C. v. Heller. While the decision is a significant and historic reinterpretation of the right to keep and bear arms, the decision leaves many important questions unanswered that will have to be resolved in future litigation, including what regulations are permissible, and which weapons are embraced by the Second Amendment right that the Court has now recognized.

Wow. So, the ACLU pretty much proves that they are a lefty hacks pushing an agenda. What happened to protecting the individual civil liberties of the citizens of this country? Oh wait, that’s right, if they tried to defend the 2nd ammendment they would have their funding pulled away from them by the idiots who fund them right now.

Their position was against the rights of individuals to protect themselves for years, and now that there is a SCOTUS ruling saying that stance is wrong, they come out of the woodwork and tell us that the SCOTUS is wrong.

Do what I say, not what I do eh?

Robert Mueller is a fucking idiot

July 9, 2008

Via the NBC

HARTFORD, Conn. — The director of the FBI is not happy with the Supreme Court’s recent handgun ruling.

Robert Mueller said he tends to believe that “weapons harm people, and more often than not they harm the people carrying them.”

He said with his grandchildren going to college, he hopes “those campuses will be weapons-free.”

Because having a weapons free campus worked so well for Virginia Tech didn’t it?

Let’s get this clear. The head of the FBI dislikes the ruling by the SCOTUS on Heller vs DC. Well, that’s fine, he’s entitles to his opinion, just like everyone else is. The problem that I have with him coming out and saying it to a news organization, and saying such retarded things in his comments to them, is his opinion is idiotic. Look at the countless police officers, federal agents, and private citizens who carry a gun that were not hurt yesterday by their guns.

Let me hammer this point across, guns do not hurt people, guns do not kill. PEOPLE kill and hurt people. If someone carries a gun to defend themselves or others, more power to them. I have a license to carry a gun in my state, and whenever I leave my house I do just that. It’s not a moral problem as he suggests, it’s not caused a problem at any time during the past four years that I’ve had my license, and one time it’s stopped a woman from getting the shit kicked out of her by a drunken fuck who wanted to pound on her face at a gas station.

College campuses are already dangerous. Look at the rising rates of rape, assault, robbery, etc etc on campuses nation and world wide. Virginia Tech was a tragedy, but every time something happens to someone in a place where they are point blank prevented from defending themselves it’s a tragedy. It’s a tragedy that they couldn’t defend themselves, a tragedy that they couldn’t prevent the crime from happening.

Personally, I think that College campuses should allow conceal and carry just like the states that they occupy do. If your state allows a person to pass all the hoops, jumps, and hurdles to carry a concealed weapon, then you should allow them to do so.

Utah does, and there hasn’t been a single school shooting there yet. Coincidence?

Peta goes violent

July 9, 2008

Animal Rights Protesters Go Crazier

Over the past couple of years, more and more researchers who experiment on animals have been harassed and terrorized in their own homes with weapons that include firebombs, flooding and acid.

Scientists say the vandalism and intimidation threaten not just themselves and their families but the future of medical research. Specialists in such fields as addiction, eyesight and the aging brain have been targeted.

“It used to be everyone was worried about their laboratories being broken into and their data being destroyed, their animals being taken away,” said Jeffrey Kordower, head of the Society for Neuroscience’s animal research committee. “What they’ve decided to do now is make things more personal.”

Accompanying the attacks is increasingly tough talk from activists such as Dr. Jerry Vlasak, a spokesman for the Animal Liberation Front press office. In an interview with The Associated Press, he said he is not encouraging anyone to commit murder, but “if you had to hurt somebody or intimidate them or kill them, it would be morally justifiable.”

The words are theirs, the emphasis is mine.

Where do I even start about this? First, the raging lunatics on the left who consider these people heros tell everyone they can that violence is wrong, that it never solves anything, and other chicanery like that. We know that this thinking is both wrong, and suicidal. Violence is frequently the only viable answer to certain actions and is both morally right and correct. Of course, the times for violence are typically when your home, life, friends, livelyhood, or country are in certain danger of being violently attacked.

Protesters like the Animal Liberation Front will scream and yell when someone firebombs an abortion clinic, but they cheer when someone does the same to a scientists house. It’s a perfect example of their raging idiocy. They seem to wish the world operated under the idea of “Do unto others before they do unto you, but cry if they do the same back unto you.” That’s not how the world has worked ever in the history of the world. In fact, if we take a slice of history and compare these idiots actions to those of previous generations they would be called criminals and get various jail terms, or when they get violent they would encounter an irate home owner willing to defend his home.

Thusly the radical left proves their colors again. It’s ok when violence is done to people who are part of something I do not support. Attack Republicans, companies, corporations, medical science, and doctors, but leave my moonbattery alone, and you can’t defend yourself because it’s free speech.

THIS type of protest is wrong whenever it is done. It’s wrong when people attack an abortion clinic, it’s wrong when they attack a meat plant, or an animal testing center, or anywhere else. The fact that these idiots think that animals should have the same rights as humans is fucking stupid. It’s not a human, it’s a goddamned animal.

Now, frequently these people who take actions like; according to the article, firebombing houses, harassing families, and making death threats, are ignored by the police because of the right to free speech. Now, I love the Constitution, I think it is the best and most viable option for the future of this world, but I nowhere see it mention that it’s ok to make death threats against people. In fact, I see that as making a death threat, something which SHOULD be met by the application of the 2nd ammendment.

It’s simple, harass my family, make death threats, and the next protester I see on my porch will be shot out of hand. My defense to the police or court would be simple. “I received this death threat, this person wearing a mask came onto my property and started screaming obscenities at my family. I feared for our safety, and so I shot the fucker 47 times.”

Case dismissed, stay off my goddamned lawn.