All about Joe Horn

And no, I’m not going to be talking about the guy who plays for the Atlanta Falcons.

Let’s play a small game of “what would you do”. You are sitting at home, it’s evening, and your neighbor is away from home. Maybe he asked you to take care of his goldfish, maybe he asked you to check his mail, maybe he asked you to stay off his fucking lawn, who cares.

This evening, you see two guys who are obviously breaking into his home. You call police and grab your shotgun. The police waffle about coming to resolve the problem, they urge you to remain locked in your home, away from any possible confrontation with these two upstanding members of your community. You, tired of the fact that crime rates are soaring, tired of the fact that police and prosecutors are coddling criminals, and wanting to make sure that stuff your neighbor spent his hard earned money on is still his in the morning, tell the police that you are going to go solve the problem. As you are getting ready to go outside, they exit your neighbors house with stuff, and start making their way to your house, robbery probably still on their minds. You walk outside with your shotgun. Now, as per the scenario, what do you do?

Personally, I hope that everyone who goes outside and confronts the two criminals would give both of them a blast in the face. I know that if it came down to it, I would do the same thing. I have no problem with people protecting one anothers property rights even to the point of sending two scumbags to the great jail in the sky. If you want to live a nice life, go get a job, work for a living, and I will have no problem with you.

Of course, these two people who ended up dead decided that they wanted to go the cheap way, they tried to get the life that they wanted by stealing it from those who already earned it. While yes, this is the exact same way that the government acts when they pass new tax laws, and yes this is very probably a result of the coddling done by the government towards criminals and criminal culture, this is also exactly how the world should react to people acting this way.

So with two dead scumbags, Joe Horn, the guy who sent them both to the great trash heap in the sky was charged with murder, and the grand jury threw the charges out. Of course, this happened in Texas where most citizens will ignore dead criminals, but now the nation is in a great uproar about it. Just like they were in an uproar when state governments passed the Castle Doctine laws, just like they were in an uproar when states passed conceal and carry laws, just like… well… you get the idea.

At the end of the day, the entire situation can be summed up as follows.

Criminals 0. Citizens 2.

Also, with this post we open up a new section here at my rambling. Perviously we had two categories, one being Islamofascism, the other being uncategorized. Join me please in welcoming “Citizens fight back” to the post categories.


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