Peta goes violent

Animal Rights Protesters Go Crazier

Over the past couple of years, more and more researchers who experiment on animals have been harassed and terrorized in their own homes with weapons that include firebombs, flooding and acid.

Scientists say the vandalism and intimidation threaten not just themselves and their families but the future of medical research. Specialists in such fields as addiction, eyesight and the aging brain have been targeted.

“It used to be everyone was worried about their laboratories being broken into and their data being destroyed, their animals being taken away,” said Jeffrey Kordower, head of the Society for Neuroscience’s animal research committee. “What they’ve decided to do now is make things more personal.”

Accompanying the attacks is increasingly tough talk from activists such as Dr. Jerry Vlasak, a spokesman for the Animal Liberation Front press office. In an interview with The Associated Press, he said he is not encouraging anyone to commit murder, but “if you had to hurt somebody or intimidate them or kill them, it would be morally justifiable.”

The words are theirs, the emphasis is mine.

Where do I even start about this? First, the raging lunatics on the left who consider these people heros tell everyone they can that violence is wrong, that it never solves anything, and other chicanery like that. We know that this thinking is both wrong, and suicidal. Violence is frequently the only viable answer to certain actions and is both morally right and correct. Of course, the times for violence are typically when your home, life, friends, livelyhood, or country are in certain danger of being violently attacked.

Protesters like the Animal Liberation Front will scream and yell when someone firebombs an abortion clinic, but they cheer when someone does the same to a scientists house. It’s a perfect example of their raging idiocy. They seem to wish the world operated under the idea of “Do unto others before they do unto you, but cry if they do the same back unto you.” That’s not how the world has worked ever in the history of the world. In fact, if we take a slice of history and compare these idiots actions to those of previous generations they would be called criminals and get various jail terms, or when they get violent they would encounter an irate home owner willing to defend his home.

Thusly the radical left proves their colors again. It’s ok when violence is done to people who are part of something I do not support. Attack Republicans, companies, corporations, medical science, and doctors, but leave my moonbattery alone, and you can’t defend yourself because it’s free speech.

THIS type of protest is wrong whenever it is done. It’s wrong when people attack an abortion clinic, it’s wrong when they attack a meat plant, or an animal testing center, or anywhere else. The fact that these idiots think that animals should have the same rights as humans is fucking stupid. It’s not a human, it’s a goddamned animal.

Now, frequently these people who take actions like; according to the article, firebombing houses, harassing families, and making death threats, are ignored by the police because of the right to free speech. Now, I love the Constitution, I think it is the best and most viable option for the future of this world, but I nowhere see it mention that it’s ok to make death threats against people. In fact, I see that as making a death threat, something which SHOULD be met by the application of the 2nd ammendment.

It’s simple, harass my family, make death threats, and the next protester I see on my porch will be shot out of hand. My defense to the police or court would be simple. “I received this death threat, this person wearing a mask came onto my property and started screaming obscenities at my family. I feared for our safety, and so I shot the fucker 47 times.”

Case dismissed, stay off my goddamned lawn.


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