Personally I detest Budweiser

In fact, I hate most American beers.

No, scratch that, I hate most beer. Then again, being an American, it would make sense that most of the beer I have imbibed would be made here in the USA, or at least on this continent. That said, even compared to most other American beer, I still hate Budweiser. Their beer is poor, it has little to no actual pleasant flavor, and it tastes like horribly flavored water.

In fact, the only thing I do with Budweiser is use it in a steak marinate. I refuse to drink with it, but it’s perfect to soak meat in over-night as it’s the right watery consistency. Now, while I state that I dislike Budweiser, I must also state that I have drunk “foreign” beer repeatedly. I’ve had German lager, English ale, Belgian piss, and other flavors of beer.

Yes, the statement Belgian piss is perfect. InBev, the people who are currently buying out Anheuser-Busch make piss. They are the largest beer maker in the world, with Anheuser-Busch pulling in #2. Combine the two and you get the largest maker of sour water in creation. If they want to combine their products, be my guest. I don’t really have a problem with a foreign company purchasing Budweiser. More power to any company that wants to make inroads to the American market. I feel that the more competition, variety, and choice the better for all involved. I felt that way about soda, I feel that way about firearms, tobacco, cars, and yes, about beer.

Am I happy that a foreign company is buying out an American one? That part bothers me, not because I feel that drinking piss is patriotic, but because I feel that this will eventually lead to Budweiser having to deal with bullshit like say… the World Court when some idiot in Europe sues. Regardless however, it won’t bother me, I don’t drink swill no matter how “patriotic” people say their beer is.

If I want patriotic beer I’ll drink Sam Adams.

Oh wait, I already do.


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One Response to “Personally I detest Budweiser”

  1. Jade Says:

    What I find amusing is how Anheuser-Busch’s advertising these days is done exactly like the Sam Adams ads–the idea that they’re just a li’l ol’ family-owned company putting out beer because dang it, they just love what they do makes me giggle to no end. 😀

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