Today my mentor announced his retirement

I have been reading blogs for damned close to seven years now. I started reading them after one of my favorite humor sites was closed and reopened as Right Wing News (blogroll on the left). From there I followed a discussion on the RWN site about handgun ownership to read the website of Kim du Toit (Also on the blogroll). I started reading Kim’s site each and every day, I read about his move from Chicago, about his move to Texas, and every single post on his website has been read by me.

I can honestly say that the guy has been one of the most consistent reads of my life in years. My daily habit was waking up, doing the normal morning stuff, and then checking on three blogs. Kim, RWN, and IMAO (Blogroll). I cannot imagine not reading his stuff each day when I get up.

However, today he announced his retirement from the blogging community, effective November 30th. His retirement announcement hit me like a sack of doorknobs on the side of my head. Kim is the only person in the blogosphere who has actually changed my life. Instead of going through life as a rather savoir-faire conservative who enjoyed firearms, he has turned me into a rabid gunnie, and through that change, has turned me from a mild conservative, into a staunch Conservative. I cannot thank Kim enough for what he has done to make my life a better one. I’ve spoken with him a time or two, all of those times about various firearms, talking about life experiences, and making commentary about other facets of life in this day and age.

This little blog of mine is a pittance in the sea of urine that is the internet, and when Kim closes his doors to new posts I hope that mine will still be here, and possibly in a bit better shape than it is now. If that will be so, I don’t know, but I can hope.

Thank you for all you have done Kim, thank you a thousand times over.


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