So No, you can’t blog in bumfuck ohio.

Because AT&T has no service there. Wonderful. My inlaws live in the bumfuckiest of bumfuck Ohio.


2 Responses to “So No, you can’t blog in bumfuck ohio.”

  1. Thinker Says:

    You say that like anyone cares.

    It’s OHIO.

    The only reason it exists is so we can store alien wreckage.

  2. Jade Says:

    I smell an anti-AT&T ad:

    “Hi, this is Duncan’s phone. Duncan can’t take your call because he’s got AT&T, and contrary to their ads with all that 5-bar bullshit, you can’t get squat for service in bumfuck Ohio, which is where he happens to be at the moment. So just leave him a message and he’ll get back to you…right after he puts about five bars through the skulls of the idiots at AT&T, and the idiots who came up with these stupid ads, and that CSI guy who does the voiceover…” 😀

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