When I was a kid

I grew up during that wonderful time called the 80s. I don’t really remember much of it because, well… it was on average of 20 years ago and more, but I do remember some of it. I remember playing with toy guns, I remember playing with GI-Joes, and I remember that the Russians were the bad guys.

I remember running around in my backyard yelling “Wolverines!” and playing like I was in Red Dawn with my buddies. I liked doing that, and of course, as a kid I had fantasies of doing it for real like every red blooded American child during that day and age did.

So, thank you Russia for bringing back the menacing idea of a hostile communist nation! I knew that there was something missing from my life and now I know what it was. If you want to invade Afghanistan again, I’m pretty sure we can work out a deal where you can have it.


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