McCain/Palin eh?

I do believe that the old geezer just stole a significant group of people who the Obamessiah was counting on to vote for him. Sure, he pretty much alienated them when he beat Hillary, sure he discounted their existance when he decided to not make her his Veep candidate, but now McCain comes along and sweeps up a lot of those voters who were still going to choose the Obamessiah.

It’s shocking I know, the Republican Party made a correct decision for once. I’m shocked beyond belief. Maybe McCain can win after all.


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3 Responses to “McCain/Palin eh?”

  1. Jade Says:

    If you’re assuming that people were voting for Hillary simply because she was a woman, and that they will vote for McCain now that he has a woman on his ticket, you’ve been hitting the Captain Morgan way too much, babe. Palin is anti-choice, pro-creationism, and has even less experience in government than Obama. As a woman, I wouldn’t even nominate her, let alone vote for her. McCain barely even met the woman before choosing her, which doesn’t exactly say much for his decision-making process, either. Is THIS the person the GOP really wants to see “one step away from the White House”? Seems like an act of poorly-thought-out desperation to me.

  2. literateredneck Says:

    Perhaps not Jade, however the fact remains that a signifigant amount of the hillary supporters on her own website forums are feminists, and they created a 27 page monstrosity about how they were going to vote for McCain simply because she IS a woman.

    Never forget that the radical femninists who don’t care what woman they vote for, just so long as it is A woman.

  3. Jade Says:

    I think even a radical feminist would have trouble with this woman, though. The anti-choice stand alone would have them thinking twice. Hillary’s supporters have had their hissy-fits, but I think her speech at the convention most likely got them back in line again.

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