During the 2000 and 2004 election cycles, when it ended up with Bush being the winner both times, democrats by and large threw public fits. They compared Bush to a chimp, they insulted the republicans (Calling us Rethuglicans and the like), they claimed we stole the election and other similar nonsense. Yet, this time, when THEY win the election, they now think that we are all unified behind Obamunism. They believe that we will all hang around and sing kumbayah while we burn all examples of civilization down around us.

These, the same people who started websites like and similar. Now they feel magnanimous and want everyone to be friendly.

Apologies, but fuck that right in the ear. For eight years democrats have decried the republican party, they have insulted our president, and they have done their level best to ruin this country of ours. Of course, the “compassionate conservative” wing of the Republican party hasn’t done much to stop them honestly, and only rarely did you hear or read of people fighting back against the moonbattery. Well, here’s one person who intends to give them just as much shit as they threw at us. They labeled our president an idiot, I call theirs a communist. They called us war mongering, I call them fucking traitors.

Fuck you democrat party, fuck your party, fuck your “reaching out” and fuck your pretending you didn’t act like a bunch of howling monkeys for eight years. While I know that far and wide those on my side of the political spectrum act more… adult than you have, I personally do not mind stooping down to your level to give you a bit of your own right back. So as a friend of mine says, BOHICA.

Bend over, here it comes again.


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