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So… deaths come in threes…

June 25, 2009

First we suffer a tragic comedy loss with the recent passing of Ed McMahon. The man was a comedy genius, able to play the straight man to Johnny Carson, or play the slapstick cut up with… Johnny Carson. This is the man who caressed his golden toilet before having to sell it because of the recent economic collapse. His death has been a shock and a true shame. Then earlier today Farrah Fawcett passed away. Now, as a kid I watched Charlies Angels, and I liked it even as a kid, it was a good show, and boobies bounced everywhere when you watched it.

Oh yeah, then some (alleged) pedophile died in the UCLA hospital today. Yes, it is true, Michael Jackson died of a heart attack in the UCLA Medical center. Now, nobody knows what it was that caused this heart condition, but I believe that the family will claim that he died because of a congenital heart defect. They will say this was a shocking tragedy, and will cry tears of glee as they rape what is left of his estate to feed Tito’s crack habit.

Personally, I think he died from apoplexy following his realization that Macauley Culkin is now no longer a child and that most parents now know enough to keep him far away from their children.

I’m just waiting for the following headline.

CNN now reporting that Michael Jackson has risen from the dead, become a zombie, and is performing a well-choreographed dance routine.

And of course, the saddest part is, both Farrah and Ed deserved far more mention in this blog post than they got because of the baby raper.


Just got home

June 25, 2009

I went in to work today at 9am.  I wrote this just after I got home at about midnight +30.

Very long day, but two cars sold to one customer family.

Good day.

Long day.

Sleep now.

So… about an hour ago

June 14, 2009

Let me backtrack a wee bit here. Monday I went to work as normal, had a decent day, everything seemed to be going fairly well, but I had some mild pain in my lower back, in or around the butt region. I figured I was constipated, I had eaten some home made food that has blocked me up a time or two before, but I figured I would get over it. Tuesday rolls around and I have the day off. Massive amounts of pain in that same region, which is no longer back but all butt. So I figured, possibly a hemmeroid, get some Perperation H and deal with it.

Wednesday rolls around, and I can hardly stand from the pain. So, I go to work, manage to pull down three hours or so, and call it a day and go home with my boss’s permission. That night I cannot sleep from the pain, Thursday morning, 7:45 am I show up at the Emergency room and have them take a look. This was not what I wanted to do that day, and let me tell you, it was some of the least fun and most embarassment I have ever had in my life. They sent me home after 4 hours and told me to take these two pills and this pain killer and go back to work monday.

Friday rolls around, no change, lots of pain, eat pain pills and sleep as best I can while drugged. Saturday rolls around, pain seems a little worse, do what I gotta do and when I can’t sleep I go downstairs to sit in my ezchair and try reading. Then, about an hour ago or so, I get this really strange feeling and figure I had to use the bathroom (which really sucked as it hurt very badly to do so). I get up to go to the bathroom, and my ass feels very wet. I get in there, drop trou, and gaze in shock at the massive amount of milky blood soaking my boxers and legs. I clean up, do my business and finally realize that the pain has changed. In fact, now it’s just a very very very small pain, like one would get from a popped zit, rather than feeling like someone stabbed me in the butt.

Goodbye Pilonidal Cyst! Now, I know that this pain in the butt may reemerge eventually, and I’m thinking it will some time, but I know how to deal with it, and hopefully when it rears it’s ugly head I can get it dealt with in some way other than by eating pain pills and hoping it stops.

The good thing, is it means I can go to work monday with no fear of not being able to stand up or sit down… hopefully.

Right now, I’m really just wanting to get my first good nights sleep in almost a week.


June 13, 2009

Sick. Hate being sick. Spent yesterday in the Emergency Room. Had no fun at all, but at least they gave me morphine for the pain.

Fun comment about morphine. It doesn’t take pain away, it just makes you not care about the fact you hurt!

More bloggage sooner or later.

Yes, it has been a while

June 8, 2009

As the title says, it has been a while since I managed to get this blog updated. But I’m going to give it a try since I have the time. I guess, I should have been doing that while I was unemployed, but thankfully I’m both back on my feet, and back on the job. Not selling tractors again, I have a feeling that I’m not going to ever get to do that again. My former employers, while they would love to have me back from talking with both management and staff, the hiring freeze there nips that in the bud. So, rather than selling tractors, in a crappy economy, where is an unemployed salesman to go?

Furniture? No thanks, straight commission with draw and wearing a suit every day does not really appeal to me. Selling electronics? Well, unless you can find a straight commission job, then you are stuck with at best 8 bucks an hour at one of the large chains like Best Buy or similar. So, instead I took some resumes and cover letters around to the local car lots. Yes, you heard me. Car lots.

On the third lot I visited I managed to hit a winner. The first two lots were dead as doornails. But then again, for a GM dealership and a Dodge dealership, I really wouldn’t expect much less. The third dealership was a BMW dealer and not only were they dead, but their associates all seemed to act like pricks. Then I took the last of the resumes and cover letters I had with me, and in the rain, I drove to one of the two local Ford dealerships. They were busy, not only were they busy, but they were friendly, they were clean, and they were staffed with a younger crew. The first guy I talked to hardly looked to be in his 20’s. The same can be said of the entire crew who is working there, save for management who are all middle aged or so.

After just handing what turned out to be the store general manager my resume and such, he told me to wait, and that as soon as he could he would pull me for an interview. Wham, interview over, I was told to expect a call a few days later, after my background check.

This past monday, I got that call and I started on Wednesday. Wednesday was all about doing paperwork, Thursday was all about learning product and wishing the computer system worked. Friday was all about talking to customers and marvelling that the computer system did not work yet.

Saturday however, Saturday was all about selling trucks. Indeed, my second full day working, and my first day with a working computer system and I sold two trucks. I’m supposedly on training pay. Which means in effect minimum wage while on training pay, but they specifically said that if I sold anything during my training period I was going to get paid in full for it. Which is awesome and means that I get paid for those two trucks I already sold. It also means that anything else I sell tomorrow(end of their pay week) I will also be paid on. I’ve got two people who are coming in to talk to me tomorrow, one of whom I think may be buying a Ford SUV of some kind, and the other is looking for a replacement car.

I can also happily state that I have not lied to any of the customers I’ve got, and I intend to continue that practice. This dealership intends to be a “quality” dealership as they are a brand new store, they want a good rep and a happy customer base. Let other dealerships and salesmen lie to their customers. I’ve never sold someone a product based on a lie, nor do I intend to start now. What I intend to do is make some money and have some fun doing it.

Oh yes, and one funny thing, I’m not ordering business cards. Not a single one for now. I’ve got my personal cards, which I will happily hand out to people, which has my name, my personal e-mail, my cell phone, and a link to my blog. So to anyone who reads this because of my handing you a card at the dealership, howdy!

One day at a time, that’s all I can do right now.

One day at a time.