So… about an hour ago

Let me backtrack a wee bit here. Monday I went to work as normal, had a decent day, everything seemed to be going fairly well, but I had some mild pain in my lower back, in or around the butt region. I figured I was constipated, I had eaten some home made food that has blocked me up a time or two before, but I figured I would get over it. Tuesday rolls around and I have the day off. Massive amounts of pain in that same region, which is no longer back but all butt. So I figured, possibly a hemmeroid, get some Perperation H and deal with it.

Wednesday rolls around, and I can hardly stand from the pain. So, I go to work, manage to pull down three hours or so, and call it a day and go home with my boss’s permission. That night I cannot sleep from the pain, Thursday morning, 7:45 am I show up at the Emergency room and have them take a look. This was not what I wanted to do that day, and let me tell you, it was some of the least fun and most embarassment I have ever had in my life. They sent me home after 4 hours and told me to take these two pills and this pain killer and go back to work monday.

Friday rolls around, no change, lots of pain, eat pain pills and sleep as best I can while drugged. Saturday rolls around, pain seems a little worse, do what I gotta do and when I can’t sleep I go downstairs to sit in my ezchair and try reading. Then, about an hour ago or so, I get this really strange feeling and figure I had to use the bathroom (which really sucked as it hurt very badly to do so). I get up to go to the bathroom, and my ass feels very wet. I get in there, drop trou, and gaze in shock at the massive amount of milky blood soaking my boxers and legs. I clean up, do my business and finally realize that the pain has changed. In fact, now it’s just a very very very small pain, like one would get from a popped zit, rather than feeling like someone stabbed me in the butt.

Goodbye Pilonidal Cyst! Now, I know that this pain in the butt may reemerge eventually, and I’m thinking it will some time, but I know how to deal with it, and hopefully when it rears it’s ugly head I can get it dealt with in some way other than by eating pain pills and hoping it stops.

The good thing, is it means I can go to work monday with no fear of not being able to stand up or sit down… hopefully.

Right now, I’m really just wanting to get my first good nights sleep in almost a week.


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