So, out at the car lot, I really like most of the people I work with. In fact, I like just about everyone I work with except for a grand total of three people. Those three people are… hmm… how best to put it… not from around here. One of them is occasionally tollerable, one is just loud, and one is an arrogant fuck who needs a nice curb stomping. Now, people may say, “But LR! You are an arrogant fuck!” Yes, however there are differences in arrogance and fuckery levels. My levels are tolerable.

His are the very opposite. He looks like a bad immitation of an italian gangster, is unpleasant to see and is very unpleasant to talk to. As I said, I would be a very happy person if I were able to give him a good long stomping. But, other than that, I can say its’ been an eye opening experience so far. With this economy, the sales guys are looking forward to a mild downsize after they just hired a lot of new people in. So, we are thinking they are going to let some of the older people go, along with those hired by the former management team who the guys from Arizona replaced.

If it happens, it happens. I’ll survive either way.


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