I have reached an epiphany

So, I have reached an epiphany. I have discovered a way to help protest the current lax immigration laws of this country while still going to work and not wasting my personal time protesting. I think some of us need to go to Home Depot and hire some day laborers (preferably Hispanic ones), and give them signs to hold up in front of the other day laborers that say things such as “GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY!”. Those same day laborers should also be paid to shout at the others various things such as “LEARN ENGLISH!” or “GO BACK TO MEXICO!” and similar slogans.

Best of all, while I have these mexicans doing my protesting for me, I can go to work and try to make money!

It’s the best of both worlds! The mexicans get yelled at, I get to go to work, and somewhere someone makes a few bucks! Capitalism in action!


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