A study in turnover…

So, an almost three month retrospective of working at a car lot.

When I started, we had a different management team of three managers. Since that time, two of those managers have left us, and four more have joined us.

When I started we had one finance manager, now she is gone and we have two who replaced her.

When I started, we had ten salesmen counting myself. Since then, we have lost six of those ten. We have since then picked up fourteen new members, and of those fourteen… three more have left, with about another two or three with one foot out the door. Of the four of us left who worked here when I started, one is a flake who wants them to fire him, and thusly never comes to work, and one never does anything while he works.

I guess there is a lot of turnover in car sales, which is why, me, at almost the three month mark, am one of the longest time sales guys here. Most of the people I work with consider me steady and reliable, my managers typically compliment me because I have my act together and I come prepared to work and bust my ass to make money. Others do not have that method, it seems they want to work as little as possible, make a fast buck, and get out as fast as possible.

I guess it takes a certain kind of person to work a car lot as a salesman. So far, it’s working alright at times, and not so alright at other times. For the most part however, I find myself enjoying it far more than I had thought I would, especially the people who stick around for the moment.

That said, I do with that the work was less hit or miss and more steady, ah well, such is the life of a down turned economy and a salesman.


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