A study in turnover…

August 13, 2009

So, an almost three month retrospective of working at a car lot.

When I started, we had a different management team of three managers. Since that time, two of those managers have left us, and four more have joined us.

When I started we had one finance manager, now she is gone and we have two who replaced her.

When I started, we had ten salesmen counting myself. Since then, we have lost six of those ten. We have since then picked up fourteen new members, and of those fourteen… three more have left, with about another two or three with one foot out the door. Of the four of us left who worked here when I started, one is a flake who wants them to fire him, and thusly never comes to work, and one never does anything while he works.

I guess there is a lot of turnover in car sales, which is why, me, at almost the three month mark, am one of the longest time sales guys here. Most of the people I work with consider me steady and reliable, my managers typically compliment me because I have my act together and I come prepared to work and bust my ass to make money. Others do not have that method, it seems they want to work as little as possible, make a fast buck, and get out as fast as possible.

I guess it takes a certain kind of person to work a car lot as a salesman. So far, it’s working alright at times, and not so alright at other times. For the most part however, I find myself enjoying it far more than I had thought I would, especially the people who stick around for the moment.

That said, I do with that the work was less hit or miss and more steady, ah well, such is the life of a down turned economy and a salesman.


‘Ard Boyz Semi Finals

August 7, 2009

So, Sunday I take my Imperial Guard to Louisville and test my hand against other people who placed well at their local game stores during the first round. Unlike my previous list which I took to the ‘Ard Boyz round one, this one will requires a lot more effort on my part, along with a different playing style. Typically I play either a hoard of Guardsmen who exist to only soak up bullets fired, or I bring along a dead hard gunline, again, with lots of bodies to soak up the incoming fire.

This time, I am doing neither. I’m going fully mechanized this time, Fifteen tanks, six of which are transports. Six Leman Russ MBT’s and three Hellhounds. As I said, this is an armylist utterly unlike any I would normally play, but I think it may prove to be a fun list, and from initial examining of the list and it’s strengths and weaknesses, it’s good enough to take that first turn of nasty fire from Drop Pod Marines and come out ahead on points after the return fire. My only concern is how two of the scenarios play which requires me to hold onto my end of the field against my enemy.

I’m also kinda concerned about the terrain and the tables. If the tables are close to bare, without much LOS blocking terrain I’ve got problems as I maneuver into position. That said, fifteen tanks does have a lot going for it. I just have to play smart, play hard, and play to my strengths. I can seriously hurt a hoard army with my massive pie plates and template fire, and I can drop the incredibly armored lists with my fire again. Drop pod marines are going to be a problem if I face them, as will an Ork hoard or Nid hoard list. I think I can deal with Chaos fairly well, and I’m fairly certain that I can take Tau and similar mechanized armies with some small losses. My real problem is going to be the possibility of another Ork biker hell list like last time. If I get that shit again, I’m going to call foul from the get go especially with slow play or similar schenanigans.

I hope that other people are min maxing their army lists to include troops in the ways that they should to be compeditive, because that I can probably deal with easier if most people are bringing lots of elites, heavies, and fast choices.

I think my 5 troops may be one of the largest troop counts out there.

I have reached an epiphany

August 6, 2009

So, I have reached an epiphany. I have discovered a way to help protest the current lax immigration laws of this country while still going to work and not wasting my personal time protesting. I think some of us need to go to Home Depot and hire some day laborers (preferably Hispanic ones), and give them signs to hold up in front of the other day laborers that say things such as “GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY!”. Those same day laborers should also be paid to shout at the others various things such as “LEARN ENGLISH!” or “GO BACK TO MEXICO!” and similar slogans.

Best of all, while I have these mexicans doing my protesting for me, I can go to work and try to make money!

It’s the best of both worlds! The mexicans get yelled at, I get to go to work, and somewhere someone makes a few bucks! Capitalism in action!

Wiggle room? I’ll show you wiggle room…

August 3, 2009

Long work hours suck

August 2, 2009

So, this past week, I worked Sunday, 6 hours… Not a bad day. Monday, 12 hours, Wednesday, 12 hours, Thursday, 12 hours, Friday…

Are you noticing a theme going on here? Because I sure as hell am. Long hours, no hourly salary, and strict comission work. If I don’t sell, I don’t get paid, but I really like the people I work with, and even the people I work for are all really cool people. I just wish the hours didn’t suck and that like every other car lot, we got paid at least something hourly.

Ah well, the life and times of a car salesman.

So, there is a good chance that Cash for Clunkers is over

July 31, 2009

So, a bit over a month ago, the Government passed the Cash for Clunkers law which gave 1 Billion dollars to help people get out of old vehicles and into new ones, thusly removing vehicles that are a drain on the economy, the roads, and everything in between.

The program went into effect on July 24th.

How long does it take the government to spend one billion dollars? Well… it seems the answer is six days as the program is about to be suspended due to possibly having already over spent. Oh, that’s despite the fact that less than $100 million dollars has been given to consumers to get new vehicles.

10%. That is all of the money that went to customers, while the rest of it went to someone’s pocketbook.

Thank you President Obama, you fucked us again.

Ya know…

July 29, 2009

I kinda like selling cars. I also like days off. To bad the two of them don’t mix well.

So I met the Governor

July 24, 2009

So, today was a normal day for the Dealership. I had a meeting at 9am, and then didn’t have to come in until noon. Or it would have been a normal day, except for the fact that the Governor was signing a bill in our store, and we had boatloads of news and politicians inside the store. We had people from other dealerships, we had security, and we had everyone who works here all together in the showroom. The only thing missing would be a customer.

But, I got to meet the governor, I got to shake his hand, and I got to look him in the eye and introduce myself. And in doing so, I got a very strange impression of him. Like all politicians, he was smiling all the time he was here, always friendly with everyone, but the smile never touched his eyes. Not only that, but everything he said had that political doubletalk strewn all throughout it. And when I shook his hand, I felt like I was shaking hands with a dead fish. His handshake was limp, lifeless, and when I looked into his eyes, all that I saw was my reflection.

I saw nothing that looked happy or friendly at all. I have looked into the eyes of a career political democrat, a democrat who has reached high political office. And I saw nothing good in those eyes, nothing friendly, and nothing at all pleasant.

I am proud of the fact I did not vote for him, and after meeting him today, I would go back and vote against him again in a heartbeat. I am a political junkie, I eat this kind of stuff up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yet this bit of politics… it disgusted me. Now I understand why his critics who have met him are so harsh. He is a picture perfect example of the soulless politician.

Buy new truck, get free AK-47!

July 18, 2009


I love this story, buy a new truck, get to purchase an AK-47 for free. Then of course, this video started a discussion between the store owner and the news anchor about the flaws of guns in America. He proceeded to smack her verbally, stomp her verbally, and beat her up one side and down the other verbally until she was stammering on national television. Max, the guy who owns Max Motors in Missouri kicked butt, took names, and is now a new personal hero to me simply because someone out there had the guts to stand up for what they believe in.

My hat sir, is off to you.


July 16, 2009

So, out at the car lot, I really like most of the people I work with. In fact, I like just about everyone I work with except for a grand total of three people. Those three people are… hmm… how best to put it… not from around here. One of them is occasionally tollerable, one is just loud, and one is an arrogant fuck who needs a nice curb stomping. Now, people may say, “But LR! You are an arrogant fuck!” Yes, however there are differences in arrogance and fuckery levels. My levels are tolerable.

His are the very opposite. He looks like a bad immitation of an italian gangster, is unpleasant to see and is very unpleasant to talk to. As I said, I would be a very happy person if I were able to give him a good long stomping. But, other than that, I can say its’ been an eye opening experience so far. With this economy, the sales guys are looking forward to a mild downsize after they just hired a lot of new people in. So, we are thinking they are going to let some of the older people go, along with those hired by the former management team who the guys from Arizona replaced.

If it happens, it happens. I’ll survive either way.