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So, there is a good chance that Cash for Clunkers is over

July 31, 2009

So, a bit over a month ago, the Government passed the Cash for Clunkers law which gave 1 Billion dollars to help people get out of old vehicles and into new ones, thusly removing vehicles that are a drain on the economy, the roads, and everything in between.

The program went into effect on July 24th.

How long does it take the government to spend one billion dollars? Well… it seems the answer is six days as the program is about to be suspended due to possibly having already over spent. Oh, that’s despite the fact that less than $100 million dollars has been given to consumers to get new vehicles.

10%. That is all of the money that went to customers, while the rest of it went to someone’s pocketbook.

Thank you President Obama, you fucked us again.