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‘Ard Boyz Semi Finals

August 7, 2009

So, Sunday I take my Imperial Guard to Louisville and test my hand against other people who placed well at their local game stores during the first round. Unlike my previous list which I took to the ‘Ard Boyz round one, this one will requires a lot more effort on my part, along with a different playing style. Typically I play either a hoard of Guardsmen who exist to only soak up bullets fired, or I bring along a dead hard gunline, again, with lots of bodies to soak up the incoming fire.

This time, I am doing neither. I’m going fully mechanized this time, Fifteen tanks, six of which are transports. Six Leman Russ MBT’s and three Hellhounds. As I said, this is an armylist utterly unlike any I would normally play, but I think it may prove to be a fun list, and from initial examining of the list and it’s strengths and weaknesses, it’s good enough to take that first turn of nasty fire from Drop Pod Marines and come out ahead on points after the return fire. My only concern is how two of the scenarios play which requires me to hold onto my end of the field against my enemy.

I’m also kinda concerned about the terrain and the tables. If the tables are close to bare, without much LOS blocking terrain I’ve got problems as I maneuver into position. That said, fifteen tanks does have a lot going for it. I just have to play smart, play hard, and play to my strengths. I can seriously hurt a hoard army with my massive pie plates and template fire, and I can drop the incredibly armored lists with my fire again. Drop pod marines are going to be a problem if I face them, as will an Ork hoard or Nid hoard list. I think I can deal with Chaos fairly well, and I’m fairly certain that I can take Tau and similar mechanized armies with some small losses. My real problem is going to be the possibility of another Ork biker hell list like last time. If I get that shit again, I’m going to call foul from the get go especially with slow play or similar schenanigans.

I hope that other people are min maxing their army lists to include troops in the ways that they should to be compeditive, because that I can probably deal with easier if most people are bringing lots of elites, heavies, and fast choices.

I think my 5 troops may be one of the largest troop counts out there.