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Two thumbs up for Joe Wilson

September 10, 2009

It is one thing to call someone… say, Obama, a liar in the press. After all, everyone knows that MSNBC and such will not even give airtime to anyone who disagrees with our communist leader. It takes a special kind of balls to actually interrupt President Government when he is in the middle of verbally stroking his own ego and agenda to a joint session of congress.

Joe Wilson proved today that he has that kind of balls. They are large, brass, and enable him to shout down Obama’s lies.

My hat is off to you Joe, well done sir, well done.



November 11, 2008

During the 2000 and 2004 election cycles, when it ended up with Bush being the winner both times, democrats by and large threw public fits. They compared Bush to a chimp, they insulted the republicans (Calling us Rethuglicans and the like), they claimed we stole the election and other similar nonsense. Yet, this time, when THEY win the election, they now think that we are all unified behind Obamunism. They believe that we will all hang around and sing kumbayah while we burn all examples of civilization down around us.

These, the same people who started websites like and similar. Now they feel magnanimous and want everyone to be friendly.

Apologies, but fuck that right in the ear. For eight years democrats have decried the republican party, they have insulted our president, and they have done their level best to ruin this country of ours. Of course, the “compassionate conservative” wing of the Republican party hasn’t done much to stop them honestly, and only rarely did you hear or read of people fighting back against the moonbattery. Well, here’s one person who intends to give them just as much shit as they threw at us. They labeled our president an idiot, I call theirs a communist. They called us war mongering, I call them fucking traitors.

Fuck you democrat party, fuck your party, fuck your “reaching out” and fuck your pretending you didn’t act like a bunch of howling monkeys for eight years. While I know that far and wide those on my side of the political spectrum act more… adult than you have, I personally do not mind stooping down to your level to give you a bit of your own right back. So as a friend of mine says, BOHICA.

Bend over, here it comes again.

McCain/Palin eh?

August 30, 2008

I do believe that the old geezer just stole a significant group of people who the Obamessiah was counting on to vote for him. Sure, he pretty much alienated them when he beat Hillary, sure he discounted their existance when he decided to not make her his Veep candidate, but now McCain comes along and sweeps up a lot of those voters who were still going to choose the Obamessiah.

It’s shocking I know, the Republican Party made a correct decision for once. I’m shocked beyond belief. Maybe McCain can win after all.

Jesse Jackson’s Wisdom

July 11, 2008

I love the quote that Jesse Jackson made about Obama. The sheer audacity of a racist asshole like Jackson making a bad remark because Obama said that black fathers need to actually raise their children rather than dumping them on the mothers and government dole is hilarious. Jesse Jackson, former Democratic Presidential Candidate wanting to cut the nuts away from Barack Hussein Obama.

I find it hilarous that a Jackson made this comment, what I find even funnier is that Jackson made this comment pretty much because he felt that Obama’s comments were directed at him. Of course, Obama made the comment as a generalization, much like Bill Cosby did over a year ago, but since Jackson dumped his son on his sons mother and the system when he got her pregnant and then ran off to race bait and agitate even more; he had to take it as a personal attack. I guess his conscience is far from clean.

Of course, afterwards and before the tape even aired Jackson was out there making apologies for what he said, telling people that he supports Obama’s campaign for President. Saying that the Fox News people were trying to cast him in a bad light, that they set him up, and that it’s all their fault.

The problem is Mr. Jackson, you made the fucking comment. There was no teleprompter that read “JACKSON: I want to cut his nuts off.” This is of course, far and away from the first time that this hateful son-of-a-bitch made a comment like this in regards to his own guilty conscience. He’s made gaffes in the past, he’ll make more of them in the future. I just find them funny as hell because he tries to find someone else to blame those gaffes on rather than himself. Because the cult of Jesse Jackson can never be wrong on something. Just like Obama is never wrong, he just misspeaks, like when he misspoke about people clinging to god and guns.

I find it hilarious, Barack Obama speaks down to the entire nation, talking about hope, change, and pretty much not having a fucking clue when he insults signifigant portions of the country, and then Jesse Jackson makes similar gaffes saying the same fucking kinds of things. Of course, we have to forgive them both because they apologized. Now, if someone of a different skin color made these types of comments, people would sound the hue and cry and publically castrate them on the evening news. Political commentators would call it the end of their public lives, and in twenty years we would see them as an “elder statesman” on public access television.

These two fucks however, they get a walk.

Fucking hipocracy.