Final thoughts from the car dealership

November 14, 2009

Well… I worked for them for the better part of 6 months before I tendered my resignation. Some of the people I met were awesome, some of the people I met were not so awesome. In fact, some of them just flat out sucked. Some of the stupid things they wanted us to do made no sense and also failed to work. Some of the things they wanted us to do were stupid and made us money. However there were far more of the failures than the successes, and while I accepted a better job and that is why I am leaving the dealership, I do recognize that it is possible to make a lot of money selling cars.

The truth of the matter is, I dislike lying to people and trying to get them to spend money they do not have so that I can make a pittance. Some people can do it, some people can’t. I am one of those who could do it, but refuses to do it any longer. Every day I woke up and went to work I felt like a slimeball asshole who was just taking advantage of people in bad situations.

And honestly, there is quite a bit of people taking advantage of others in the car sales industry. The fact that right from the start everything you do is intended to make you nothing more than an extension of the guy who owns the place trying to get more money than their own car is worth bothered me.

But hey, that’s why I resigned right?

Well no… the reason I resigned is because I finally have a chance to go into the field I want to be in, Law Enforcement. And so when the state called me to offer me a chance, I grabbed that lifeline with both hands and am running the hell away from the car dealership as fast as I can.


And fuck you John Allen Muhammed

November 11, 2009

May devils wing you to your rest you sociopath motherfucker. I hope they bury your corpse in pigskin.


October 22, 2009

Christ I hate those commercials that blare out at me about my loved ones and relatives that may have, may know someone who has, or may never have MESOTHELIOMA!!!!!

Another day, and the start of another month

October 2, 2009

So, last month was a record low for car sales, and a record low for our country. The economy is still in the tank, Obama is still president, and he keeps making things worse for everyone.

At least it’s October now, the majority of the hottest days for the year are gone, the cool weather is beginning, and the world can look forward to another month of drudgery as we try to right ourselves out of this mediocre mess we have managed to get ourselves into.

One day at a time, one step at a time, all of them marching towards the future. Lets hope that the end of the tunnel is in sight, because I sure as hell am tired of this traveling around and bumping into shit because I can’t see.

They killed the public option

September 30, 2009

I for one, hate the idea of government run health care. Now, I don’t hate it because it’s a bit of statist clap trap, or useless government intervention. I hate it because state run health care killed my grandmother.

My grandmother lived in England, and at age 86 or so she needed to have her hip replaced. So she got onto a public health role and was told to wait two years. Instead she paid a private hospital in England to do it, and had it done two months later. She does well, surgery goes great, and she is recovering nicely. They tell her that they have to bill her after her first three weeks in the hospital are over, and she agrees she needs a bit longer to get back on her feet, and they send her to a public hospital.

Where she languishes, develops bed sores from not being cared for, and eventually gets MRSA. The MRSA kills her because she was not cared for correctly, or even incorrectly. She flat out was not cared for whatsoever.

So, for those weeping for the failure of the public option to pass, fuck you. Fuck you and fuck the public option.

Two thumbs up for Joe Wilson

September 10, 2009

It is one thing to call someone… say, Obama, a liar in the press. After all, everyone knows that MSNBC and such will not even give airtime to anyone who disagrees with our communist leader. It takes a special kind of balls to actually interrupt President Government when he is in the middle of verbally stroking his own ego and agenda to a joint session of congress.

Joe Wilson proved today that he has that kind of balls. They are large, brass, and enable him to shout down Obama’s lies.

My hat is off to you Joe, well done sir, well done.

In memorium of Admiral Oldsmobile

August 30, 2009

Ted Kennedy was buried and honored today. Somewhere amongst all those well wishers was a card. This card came from the SEIU.

For those not in the know, that stands for the Service Employees International Union.

That card was posted online for people to write in comments to have added to the card. All they required was your name, an e-mail address, and your zip code. Since I know I’m already on a few lists, I figured my being on one more wasn’t going to hurt anything at all and added my comment.

“Rest in peace Mary Jo. Justice has finally been served.”

Some of the other comments are priceless.

“So many notable people have told stories about the life of Ted Kennedy. Sadly, Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment.”
“I guess a rich family and swimming lessons couldn’t get you out of this one huh Ted?”
“Chappaquiddick Ted sleeps with the fishes.”

Some of the others submitted were a bit… crass even for me.

But yes, this is truly an awesome thing.

kennedy funeral

A new joke about Ted Kennedy

August 26, 2009

Ok, probably not a joke, or anything that people find funny…

But the name I typically call him is “Swimmer”.

However I found a new name for him today “Admiral Oldsmobile”

I’m gonna use that from now on.

The Passing of Ted Kennedy

August 26, 2009

Some people will talk about Ted Kennedy’s life and how great a person he was. Some people will mourn the loss of a senator of his caliber while others will use his death to trumpet a new health care bill.

Personally I will do a small happy dance and hope he burns in hell for eternity. This was a man who got a woman pregnant, got drunk, took her for a moonlite ride, and then dumped his car into a river with her still inside.

He got away with it because his name was Kennedy, and for no other reason.

Fuck you very much Ted Kennedy.

Rest in peace Mary Jo Kopechne.

Today was my anniversary

August 15, 2009

Technically, yesterday was, since it’s currently 1 in the morning of the day following.

It was a good day for the most part. Spending the whole day with just the two of us was good, taking time to be nice and happy with one another was really nice. I’m really happy being married to her and I love her with all of me heart.

I still find it hard to believe that we have been married for 5 years, and together for 9. I can’t believe she has put up with me for this long.